About Us

It is well-known that the value of a broker is determined by how long he has been making people successful and not really on his license. While this is a regulated industry and documentation matters a lot, we also believe in a reputation that is built over years of successful trades.

Our customers have been the backbone of our success and have helped us grow from a single man operation to a team of brokers who have been encouraging people to invest in the stock market  for nearly 2 decades now.

We did have our challenges of course, we went from a paper-heavy business to an online business before we had the time to understand the implications of going digital. However, that didn’t deter us, as we refurbished our operations and powered through the digital age and have reached where we are today – at the very top of the ladder. There’s really nowhere to go except up, in our case and we are really looking forward to our journey ahead. One of the highlights of our digital presence is the fact that we aren’t restricting ourselves to promoting our website alone through blogs and videos. We are active on Facebook (our Facebook Live session got 1 million views last month), and on Instagram. We have been able to convert follows and likes into a flourishing user base which has helped us understand the changing tastes of the market.

The profile of investors has changed multifold from the time we began business. While early on it was only the rich and the richer who invested in the stock market, today we are seeing a huge surge of interest from the middle class investor. They are keen to spend a fixed percentage of their earnings in the stock market in the hope of creating a retirement fund or even an education fund for their families. So, if you are keen on getting on the profit bandwagon, then get on, we’re here to help you through it!